Embroidery is the decoration on fabric using a needle and thread. These decorations are done with a machine which carry out the job at a fast pace. The benefit of getting embroidery is that embroidered logos, crests or images have raised almost 3D effect details and give a clean and professional look. Embroidery is the most long lasting decoration method. Embroidery is most commonly used for work-wear, trade wear, corporate uniforms and club crests but ever more popular for personal everyday wear.





Fruit of the Loom have over 160 years experience of manufacturing garments to a high standard and are one of the world’s most popular clothing brands. Here at gemwearireland we stock a range of their most useful product lines including t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and fleeces.

A well-known and highly regarded t-shirts and clothing manufacturer, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more reliable range of premium, unbranded clothing at low prices. 

The first global brand to enter the European t-shirt printing sector and have a quality reputation for promotional clothing, active wear and work wear, there’s a reason why Fruit of the Loom are the number one supplier to the garment decoration industry and also why they’re number one for wholesale printing.

All Fruit of the Loom products are constructed and produced with printing, promotion and decoration as the number one priority. All zip hoodies, for example, have covered zips to give a higher standard of screen printing. Their whole catalogue is specifically designed to encompass work wear, school and leisure wear for men, women and children. From t-shirts, sweatshirts, vests, hooded tops, and fleeces Fruit of the Loom have everything for a diverse range of applications.

Alongside the production of high quality wholesale clothing, Fruit of the Loom are a company with ethics in mind. Their state of the art factory in Morocco has produced over one million garments and was ecologically designed to conserve energy. One of the many innovations includes the service pipes being constructed underground which saves ceiling space and reduces the need for air conditioning. Additionally, with water being an important part of garment production and of limited supply in Morocco, Fruit of the Loom recycles up to 65% used in the dyeing process.

Earth Positive


With big businesses leaving a footprint across the world, it’s always incredibly refreshing to see a company that is not only grass roots and ethically sound, but also makes incredible products that benefit their customers too.

Introducing Earth Positive, a clothing brand which is both climate neutral and licensed under the Global Organic Standard to produce their clothing with certified Indian cotton. A proudly Vegan clothing brand, you can rest assured that the entire manufacturing process is as ethical as it is resourceful, using wind and solar power as a means of manufacture.

A true revolution for t-shirt printers, clothing brand owners, and even everyday shoppers looking to make a difference when it comes to sustainable fashion, there’s never been a better time to support the Earth Positive cause.

From Vegan T-shirts and clothing to Tote Bags, Sweatshirts and more, if you’re looking for a fair trade alternative to the clothing you usually buy then be sure to take a look at the Earth Positive range at gemwearireland.


Our Baby-wear supplier is a big distributor of high quality baby blank clothes for personalisation and promotion trade. The products that our supplier orders are manufactured to their and our strict ethics code “only the best or nothing” at their production operations in India, which are Oeko-Tex®  Standard 100 certified. This is an independent certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. The operations in India are also BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) compliant, which is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the improvement of working conditions in the supply chain with our suppliers factory which is audited against the BSCI base code.

Supplying  to the UK, European and worldwide based businesses with ethically made quality baby blanks ranging from baby blankets, baby bibs, baby t shirts, hoodies. Their customer base ranges from the eBayer to large retails groups.


Just Hoods was the very first AWDis (All We Do is) brand and was launched back in 2008 with Just 1 style in 30 colours. In 12 short years the brand has grown to become the biggest and (we think!) best in the industry covering an array of casual wear styles across hoodies, sweatshirt, jackets and jog pants. We aim to bring you the best quality apparel in the most sought after styling with excellent stock support. We now have thousands of outlets through our distributor and reseller network throughout Europe and this network is expanding every day. 



As an AWDis customer, you can trust when we do things, we do them right. We know you’re looking for high-quality, high-performance products delivered with integrity. So that’s why AWDis only use factories that are either WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified or members of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). This enables us to monitor every step of the entire manufacturing process, from yarn to garment. We recognise the importance of our responsibility to ensure the manufacturing methods used match the ideals of those who love and wear our products and becoming Peta-approved was a great milestone to be able to add this cruelty-free stamp to our products. 

Today, when the spotlight is on every aspect of clothing manufacturing it’s more important than ever for AWDis to ensure that we, and our global partners, share a commitment to fair and safe working practices. And this applies throughout AWDis global supply chain where AWDis demand stringent monitoring of all our suppliers. To police these best practices, AWDis have dedicated in-country teams regularly visiting and inspecting all the factories we use. 

As part of the AWDis brands’ sustainability journey, all Just Hoods garments are also now officially recognised as 100% free of any animal ingredients. The PETA-Approved Vegan logo was established to label products that no animal had to suffer for, and highlight vegan fashion items commitment to animals. AWDis recognise the importance of our responsibility to ensure the manufacturing methods used match the ideals of those who love and wear our products and we are therefore thrilled to add this cruelty-free stamp to our products.

We know AWDis customers are looking to shop for environmentally conscious clothing with style and the new organic and recycled edit is Just Hoods first steps in helping to make a big difference to do better, to be better and to inspire change – change you can wear. 



Premier flagship collection sees then bring together styles for those working in the hospitality industry.  The clean and hygienic appearance of staff is especially important in the food and drink, industry and smartly dressed front-of-house staff inspires confidence from customers.  We have an unrivaled collection of Aprons from budget solutions to more premium offerings.  The ‘Colours Collection’ offers bib, waist and pocketed styles in up the 60 colours, so you can mix and match across with one or two colours at the heart of you team look. Reflecting the latest high street fashions, Premier  are proud to present the ‘Artisan Collection’, which are styles designed with a vintage-retro twist with beautiful fabrics and textiles. So whether you need uniforms for your hotel, bar or restaurant; cafe coffee house or bistro, Premier are the one-stop-shop for your hospitality-wear requirements.


Hospitality-wear leads Premier nicely into the sub-collection of Chef-swear.  Premier offer a plethora of styles for chefs and the essential support staff who work in commercial kitchens.  Long and short sleeve chef’s jackets are complemented by comfortable trousers, suitable for the long hours during service. Premier  have an essential range which accommodates those working to a budget, whilst our artisan styles offer a more premium touch, with matching head-wear available across all the styles.


Corporate wear is another sector where Premier  styles enjoy a great deal of attention.  Whether you’re meeting customers face to face or striking up an online chat, it’s as important as ever to maintain a smart, professional approach with your work attire.  Premier  shirts are incredibly versatile and can be styled to fit the occasion with a huge choice of colours and sizes available throughout the range.  Premier also offer an extensive range of plain and patterned ties which will really help to elevate your look.  


Premier also design Beauty, Salon, Spa and Healthcare uniforms for staff working in these sectors who need their very own little uniform makeover!  Premier  have a stunning range of beauty tunics embellished with trim and button details, all of which are available in a range of colours, sizes and fabric finishes.  Premier recently added a number of waterproof and bleach resistant gowns that offer protection for both clients and staff.   There’s also an offering of healthcare tunics for staff who need to be easily identifiable in care, clinical or therapy roles.

Premier entire collection proves to be the perfect base for print and embroidery applications, so why not use your staff uniform as a way to market your business and ask your uniform supplier to add your company logo for an extra spot of branding and professionalism.  

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